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Stylish and Exquisite Hindu Baby Girl names – A good reference for the exotic names from the east

Nowadays, modern names have lost their appeals over the years.  Searching alternatives on hindu Names have been inspiring the beauty of love and respect for the newborn baby. Hindu baby names certainly become a good alternative in searching for exotic and exquisite names.

Traditionally, Hindu baby Girl Names represents a heavy sense of beauty, love, respect, grace and fertility. As believed in the Hindu Religion that a woman is considered to be the goddess (of the house). Thus, baby name should represent strong good values in life.

The baby naming celebration is considered to be significant in the hindu tradition. It usually takes a grand ceremony in a hindu family as the name become significant not only for the baby but also for the all family members.

It is the tradition that the grandparents will keep each and every piece of information about the name, starting from the meaning to the historical background.

So, now let the story of names begins. You can see below the classification of hindu baby girl names with every particular meaning:

1. If you are flower lovers and eager to have a heavy sense of flowering name, you can consider names like: Prithika (Flower), Samali (Bouquet), or Vanalika (Sunflower).

2. Baby girl is considered to be as precious as gems in parents’ heart. So, why don’t you consider the names like: Reena (Gem), Taj (Crown/Jewel), or Vainavi (Gold) ?

3. Parents who loves their girl to have name with celestial meanings can pick the following names, such as: Anamitra (The sun), Arundhati (Star), Bhumika (Earth), Dhara (Earth), Bhuvi (Heaven), Chandrika (Moon), Indulekha (Moon), Sarayu (Wind), or Usha (Dawn).

4. The wishes for your baby girl are also can be represented in the names like: Alpana (Beautiful), Lalima (Beauty), Devanshi (Divine), Bimala (Pure), Chahna (Love), Grishma (Warmth), Fulki (Spark), (Sage), Panchali (Princess), Mitali (Friendly), or Venya (Lovable).Rishi

5. Religious parents would love names with god and goddess meanings, such as: Ambika (Goddess Parvati), Bhaumi (Goddess Sita), Hemavati (Goddess Parvati) Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth), Nadiy (Holy place), Parvati (Goddess), and Sara (Goddess of Sound).

Hindu Baby Names has already become very attractive prospects for exquisite references. So if you are searching for the stylish and exotic name for your baby girl, why don’t you give Hindu Baby Name for your princess?

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